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Isolation Valves



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Isolation Valves


Refrigerant leaks are, and continue to be, the most difficult and frustrating service calls for HVAC business owners and technicians. It possesses difficulties for scheduling and billing this type of service call, due to the uncertainty of the time it may take to find the leak with current methods. Note: There are only 4 components which make up all refrigerant systems. (1) – The Evaporator Coil commonly located inside of a building, (2) – The Condenser Coil commonly located outside of a building on a roof or on the ground level, (3) – The refrigerant liquid line & (4) – The Refrigerant suction line which connects the 2 coils, and these refrigerant lines may run through walls, ceilings, attics, and crawl spaces which may not be accessible.


Regardless of the location of the leak, installing our Isolation valves at the evaporator and the condenser coils, and pressurizing the system with nitrogen. The loss of pressure will determine which refrigerant circuit is leaking and the technician can pinpoint the location and make the necessary repair in a timely manner. By using our patented 2-port isolation valves in this 4-point system, our system eliminates guess work, reduces time & repair cost, and will consistently boost technician confidence in the ability to solve this problem with 100% success and provide customer satisfaction.


Our 2-Port Isolation Valves are designed to be brazed onto the copper refrigerant lines, and the versatility to be installed in any direction. The valves can be installed in any position where the service ports are easily accessible for the technician. After the repairs are completed, the Isolation Valves will remain on the system and will not cause any pressure drop or any loss of performance in the normal operation of the system. Also by leaving the Isolation Valves on the system, this can also save time and cut cost of any future repairs which may arise.


3 8 isolation valve
3/8 Isolation Valve

3 4 isolation valve
3/4 Isolation Valve


7 8 isolation valve
7/8 Isolation Valve